Saving a Friend From a Scam

Saving a Friend From a Scam

Oneda Peace had attended a Scam Jam Fraud Summit sponsored by NARCOG and the Better Business Bureau and remembered the information shared by local law enforcement agencies and other fraud prevention experts. Her friend was convinced that the man on the phone needed her credit card number before she would receive the new car he was promising. One of the red flags Ms. Peace noticed right away was that the calls were coming in every hour from Jamaica. This was one of the warning signs shared during the Fraud Summit along with how to report these calls. Ms. Peace went home and found the brochures shared at the event and was able to provide information to her elderly friend and family so they could report the scam. Quick thinking and action on Ms. Peace's part helped prevent her friend from becoming a victim. NARCOG is pleased to have partnered with the Better Business Bureau to provide Scam Jam Fraud Summits in our region for over 10 years.

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