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Planning & Economic Development

Regional and Community Planning

NARCOG provides regional and community planning services which improve the quality of life of the people who live in our region.

These planning services include economic development and recovery plans, comprehensive plans, downtown revitalization plans and area plans (i.e. neighborhood, corridor, etc.),  Other projects include assistance with urban design solutions, subdivision regulations, and zoning ordinances to help guide the future growth and development of our region.

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Community Development

NARCOG provides our communities with a variety of community development and technical assistance with this flexible program including planning, project development, and grant application assistance.

Economic Development

NARCOG provides economic development planning and technical assistance to our communities to create and retain jobs through the formulation of economic development goals, strategies, and projects in the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for the region.  


NARCOG provides technical assistance to our communities in the preparation, submission, and management of a variety of grants through our community and economic development and rural transportation planning programs. Some examples include grants for infrastructure, such as water, sewer, stormwater drainage, sidewalks, trails, etc., and community facilities, such as parks, fire stations, community centers, senior centers, and educational programs and equipment.

Get In Touch With Our Planning Department

Please call 256-355-4515 and specify to the receptionist that you would like to speak with the Planning Department. They will connect you to the appropriate person.