NARCOG is governed by a fourteen member Board of Directors. The members of the Board are chosen by the respective County Commissions of Cullman, Lawrence, and Morgan counties. The Board of Directors meets monthly throughout the year, typically on the fourth Wednesday of every month. The officers of NARCOG are elected by the Board annually in November of each year. The officers serve as the Executive Committee along with the Executive Director who serves on the committee in an ex-officio capacity. Day-to-day management of NARCOG is done by a management team consisting of the Executive Director and three departmental Directors. In addition to the Executive Committee, there are four standing advisory committees made up of community volunteers who assist with specific program areas and services provided by NARCOG.


Board of Directors

Cullman County

  • Honorable Kenneth Walker, Chairman, Cullman County Commission
  • Honorable Garry Marchman, Cullman County Commission
  • Honorable Kerry Watson, Cullman County Commission
  • Honorable Patrick Bates, Mayor of Berlin

Lawrence County

  • Honorable Bobby Burch, Lawrence County Commission
  • Honorable Jesse Byrd, Lawrence County Commission
  • Honorable Norman Pool, Lawrence County Commission

Morgan County

  • Honorable Ray Long, Chairman, Morgan County Commission
  • Honorable Greg Abercrombie, Morgan County Commission
  • Honorable Randy Vest, Morgan County Commission
  • Honorable Melvin Duran, Mayor of Priceville
  • Honorable Randy Garrison, Mayor of Hartselle
  • Honorable Tab Bowling, Mayor of Decatur
  • Mr. Larry Waye, Decatur-Morgan County Entrepreneurial Center

Officers and Executive Committee

  • Honorable Kenneth Walker, Chairman
  • Honorable Jesse Byrd, First Vice-Chairman
  • Honorable Randy Vest, Second Vice-Chairman
  • Honorable Kerry Watson, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Honorable Randy Garrison, Past Chairman
  • Mr. Robby Cantrell, Executive Director

Management Team

  • Robby Cantrell, Executive Director
  • Michael Stout, Director, Finance and Administrative Services
  • Joseph F. Hester, AICP, Director, Regional Planning Agency
  • Tennille Harkins, Director, Area Agency on Aging
  • Robby Cantrell, Director, Regional Transit Agency

Advisory Committees

  • Area Agency on Aging, Advisory Committee
  • Ombudsman Advisory Committee
  • Economic Development District, Strategy Committee
  • Small Business Loan Fund, Advisory and Loan Review Committee
  • Rural Planning Organization, Rural Transportation Policy Board
  • Transportation Steering Committee




Post Office Box C
Decatur, Alabama 35602


216 Jackson Street SE
Decatur, Alabama 35601


8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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