Farmers Market Vouchers Available

We don’t usually think about buying fresh vegetables and fruits at the local Farmers Market in the middle of winter unless of course you are a senior who has participated in the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) before.  If you participated in the program in the past, you know it is now time to start signing up. The Farmers Market Authority is now accepting applications for the 2021 Senior Farmers Market vouchers that give seniors the opportunity to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. 

“Most seniors just refer to the SFMNP as the vegetable voucher program”, said RonetteGravitt, Nutrition Coordinator for NARCOG.  “We began taking phone calls the first day the application went live in early January”, she went on to say.  Almost 1800 area seniors applied for the SFMNP across the three-county NARCOG regionin 2020.  

The booklets containing five vouchers with a value of $30 are mailed in late May or early June to those approved for the program.  Vouchers can be used at local Farmers Markets, roadside stands and U-pick operations across Alabama.  Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and even local honey can be purchased with the vouchers.

The application is only available online. However, NARCOG and our partners at the Commission on Aging office assist local seniors 60 and older to apply by telephone.  You can call NARCOG at 256-355-4515 or 1-800-243-5463 or the Cullman Commission on Aging at 256-734-1241 to apply.  To learn more about the SFMNP or to apply online visit  

2021 Age and Income Criteria

  • Must be 60 or older on the date of application
  • Gross Household Income (must not exceed)
  • $1756 monthly for a household of 1
  • $2371 monthly for a household of 2
  • $2987 monthly for a household of 3
  • *Call for higher household sizes*




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