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Applications Open for Senior Farmers Market Vouchers

Spring is on the horizon, and local farmers markets will begin to open in a few months.

This also means applications are being accepted for the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP).

“Most seniors just refer to the SFMNP as the vegetable voucher program,” said Ronette Gravitt, Nutrition Coordinator for the North Central Alabama Regional Council of Governments (NARCOG).

“This is an extremely popular program among our seniors. It’s something they look forward to every year.”

The Alabama Farmers Market Authority opened the 2022 SFMNP application process on Friday, January 7, giving seniors who qualify for the program an opportunity to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables for local farmers markets with a voucher.

The SFMNP application is available on the Alabama Farmers Market Authority website, however, NARCOG assists local seniors who are 60 and older apply by telephone by calling 256-355-4515 or 1-800-AGE-LINE.

Through SFMNP, eligible seniors receive a booklet containing five vouchers with a value of $30 that can be used at farmers markets throughout the state. Fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and locally harvested honey can be purchased with the vouchers.

Last year, NARCOG helped 1,381 seniors in the Region receive SFMNP vouchers.

2022 SFMNP Age and Income Criteria

  • Must be 60 and older on the date of the application, and
  • Gross household income must not exceed:

- $1,772.00 monthly for a household of 1

- $2,396.00 monthly for a household of 2

- $3,020.00 monthly for a household of 3

- $3,645.00 monthly for a household of 4

- $4,269.00 monthly for a household of 5

- $4,892.00 monthly for a household of 6